The Lion, The Witch, Wardrobes, Carpet and Doors.

After some deliberation and much¬†celebration after getting our Certificate¬†of Occupancy, we’ve been busy again at Odpod. We’re currently completing the detail finishing touches including painting the doors and skirting-board, building the robes and carpeting. We must admit that this has taken far longer than anticipated… We had issues in spray painting the internal doors which eventually led us to use a roller which turned out quite well in the end. We used a water-based semi gloss paint for both the doors and skirtingboard which proved to more difficult to apply than an oil based gloss. The skirting-board needed a total of 4 coats (2 undercoats and 2 top coats) resulting in close to 1000m of painting!

We built our own robes using 90x35mm pine to give strength to the large robes. These were covered with a melamine top and finished with a Kiln Dried Hardwood front. Very happy with the result. Next step will be the stainless steel rails and sliding robe doors.

The internal doors have been finished with Shipping Company logos in homage to the use of Shipping Containers in the Odpod build.

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