Shipping Container Home Feature Kitchen Island Bench

Shipping Container Home Feature Kitchen Island Bench

Lots of time and patients went into creating the feature kitchen island bench. We started with a simple sketch and some offcut piece of shipping container. The idea was hatched after lots of designs and then some computer renderings to validate the idea. We used some leftover 50x25mm RHS steel and made a frame to attach the shipping container skin. The welds were all linished back until smooth and then any pit holes filled with fibreglass filler. The base coat was a vinyl etch prime, which works very well on metal, then a top coat colour to match Mersk Grey (the same grey used by Mersk on their shipping containers) The frame was screwed to the floor boards and also to a 90x45mm pine frame to form a 90 degree rigid structure.

We made the final concrete pieces the same way as the previous bench tops. You can see in the photo of dry ingredients shown from left to right, sand, cement, AR glass fibres, alto pozz and black oxide. Just like the other concrete pieces we used hydrochloric acid and a wet polish diamond pad to achieve the result we wanted. Concrete bench tops take a very long time to make and require lots of precise measuring and weighing.

To finish off the beer tap system we made a stainless steel grate which was cast into the liquid cement. Small knobs were welded onto the frame to better help secure it into the wet cement.

While the concrete was setting we made the feature lights above the bench top using a big piece of spotted gum. We used the hole saw to cut the perfect size circle and then finished the timber using some olive oil. (yup just out of the cupboard used for cooking) This brings out the natural timber colours and looks fantastic.

Ps: yes we went overboard on the polyurethane glue that holds the concrete waterfall panels in place, but they definitely won’t fall off!

The Odpod Crew
Craig & James

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