Insulation in a Shipping Container House Q&A

Insulation in a Shipping Container House Q&A

Question from Rhys:

“How did you guys go with moisture control? I have read people having issues with moisture and dew building up inside their containers. What worries me would be the spaces between the container walls and your drywall where the insulation will be. As well as the ceiling.


Hi Rhys

Your spot on, moisture will build up on the steel when water in the air condenses on the steel. If we use regular insulation bats they will become damp and mould will form on the drywall/plaster. This type of problem is also very common in high rise buildings with concrete internal walls.

To combat this we did a fair bit of research and found that the following is very important.

  • Removing the moisture from the air, good ventilation, airflow or a humidifier.
  • Creating a barrier between the steel/concrete and the air.
  • Allowing any moisture in the wall cavity to escape.

Some options we have considered.


For detailed information we found the following document useful.
Condensation Design Guide:

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