Are using containers a cost effective way to build a house?

Containers can be a cost effective way to build, however the cost depends on a number of different factors such as size and level of finishes (hardwood floors, luxury bathrooms etc). The less you modify the containers and keep them as close to containers as you can, the more you can save.

What is your project cost for Odpod?

The approximate project cost is $350,000AUD. This includes absolutely everything from permits, earthworks, the complete house including 3 decks and a large garage.

Do you build container houses for others?

At this stage no. We can provide advice and assist with drawing up plans and detailed drawings for your project.

Did you have issues with the council?

No. The Yarra Ranges council were good to work with. After the 2009 fires, bushfire affected properties had a simplified planning process. The building permit was obtained by a private building surveyor.

How have you insulated the containers?

After much research, we used a spray on cellulose insulation which is made from recycled paper, fire retardant, adhesive and water. Normal batt insulation is unsuitable for use in a container as the containers will sweat. The cellulose insulation covers the steel and becomes a thermal barrier between the container steel and the internal air inside the container. Another option is a spray on foam, however this is more costly that the cellulose insulation.



10 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi, do you know of a container house that is open to have a look at and get a ‘feel’ for it? We are considering building a container home but would like to experience it a bit before we decide. Kind regards, Tania

  2. hey guys ,

    We are also in Melbourne and trying to gather realistic figures to get our builders on board with some affordable homes projects. Wondering if there is a chance we can come chat and view your container home.

    Jacki O’

  3. Hello Craig / James,

    My husband and I are extremely interested in shipping container houses and have been trying to gather information to learn more about how its done. However, there is nothing like visiting a container house, having a feel for it and learn from the experiences of the owners. Whilst browsing through the internet, I came across your website and contact details.

    Would it be possible to visit,take a tour of the house and perhaps be privileged to learn a few pearls of wisdom about the project?



  4. Hi Craig/James,

    My partner and I have just started building our own container home with two 40’HC containers outside of Melbourne, is there any chance you still welcome people for a tour and a bit of question time? we both LOVE your blog.


  5. Hello
    I am about to embark on a shipping container house in Wye River. I would like to find a building surveyor with container building experience – could you refer me to your surveyor please. With thanks Emma

    • Hey Emma

      We used Yarra BSG, however you will need to contact them to find out if they will service your area.
      If you would like some feedback on design feel free to get in contact with us on our facebook page.

      The Odpod Crew.

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