3 2 1We followed a comprehensive design process from sketches, working drawings, preliminary CAD to many iterations of a detailed design. Here are a sample of some of the concepts that we came up with throughout the design process.

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    • Hi Simon

      Each council is vastly different and will make you jump through different hoops. For our construction the council was happy enough because the structure will be cladded. We approached the council with a steel frame house, the fact they are containers is irrelevant. In terms of building codes, the house must comply with the NCC (national construction code volume 2) and the building regulations.

      Fortunately we found an excellent building surveyor who specialises and enjoys working on alternative constructions, mud brick, straw bail etc. We worked together to make sure our drawings complied.
      For example here are a few things we needed to consider:
      -the septic system and effluent treatment.
      -the house must meet 6 star energy efficiency.
      -window size is at least 10% the size of the room floor space.
      -ventilation, airflow.
      -structural certification from our structural engineer.
      -ceiling heights and room sizes meet minimum standards.
      -stairs and balustrades are suitable.
      -the footings are suitable for the soil test.
      -Roof pitch for custom orb profile is 5 degrees or greater.
      -Compliance with BAL (bush fire attach level)
      -Legal point of discharge, storm water drainage.
      -….and much more


      • Hi Craig,

        I’m looking into doing something similar with the same construction mediums. Any chance you could pass on those contact details of the architect and building surveyor you used?


  1. Hi,

    I like your design and blog. It is very helpful. I may have missed it but have you put a rough figure / budget on the finished project to give people an idea? Also as engineers do you think it would be possible to used the refrigerated / insulated containers? I have been thinking of it for years but my issue is the roof. I would assume it would need some decent I beams down each side to have the trusses mounted off. The reason I would use them is because they don’t rust, good insulation, raised floor for ducted heating and cooling to be ran under timber floor boards. But I don’t know who to talk too about the roofing. Anyway keep it up. Cheers Rob

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