Shipping Container House Cantilever deck construction

Shipping Container House Cantilever deck construction

When it came to building the side deck, we decided to build a cantilever deck as opposed to a standard deck with supporting columns. This allowed for cleaner aesthetics and a column free walkway on the ground. We were fortunate to have orientated the containers the same way (doors all at one end) which allowed space in the steel cavity of the container for the beams to bolted in to.

We marked out all of the holes to be drilled and used a magnetic drill to drill the holes. This proved to be a much easier way to drill than using an electric hand drill. The electromagnet on the drill holds the position of the drill in the one location and allows holes to be quickly and accurately drilled. For each metre of cantilevered deck, 2 metres needed to be bolted to the substructure of the container. The bolts used are 12mm and are spaced 400mm apart. This allows for a very secure connection with minimal bounce.

Raising the beams into place proved harder than we’d imagined, however we soon got better at lifting them into place. Like many tasks in this project, with a few extra muscles at work, the task became easier. Once all bolted to the container structure, we painted the nuts, bolts and washers with a zinc rich spray paint to prevent corrosion.

We then roughed up the surface of the galvanized PFC beams and applied an etch primer using the spray gun and finally a top coat of paint.



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