Shipping Container House Hardwood Timber Floor


Shipping Container House Hardwood Timber Floor

We installed the hardwood timber floor and the shower base over the weekend. The flooring went down using a secret nailer and a straight air bradder/nailer. The timber we used is called Mountain Gum and the features look very nice, the boards are 25mm thick and 130mm wide, supplied in random lengths.

To start off we laid the first board down with some flooring glue and used the air bradder/nailer because the secret nailer is much too big to get close to the walls. The bradder fires 50mm galvanised nails into the boards which we can putty and fill later on. At first we were using a 15L bucket of flooring glue and spreading it on with a spatula and gloves. This method was making a huge mess and the glue went everywhere. The sausages are a little more expensive but much quicker and cleaner.

The secret nailer fires the nail into the tongue on the board and is then hidden when the next board slides over the top. The glue is important to stop the creaking and movement in the boards over time. Overall the floor was exceptionally quick to install and the hidden fixings are a good look.

The shower base is a solid 25mm marmox base made from a lightweight concrete composite mixture. The size is 900x1200mm and sets the fall in the shower floor so we can tile directly over it. The base was easy to install and went down quickly with one cartridge of polyurethane glue. However we were very disappointed with the inconsistent base thickness, overall it was out by around 6mm (which makes a big difference when laying the tiles.) We put buckets of water onto the shower base overnight to push the base into the glue.