Shipping Container House Insulation


Shipping Container House Insulation

There are many ways to apply shipping container house insulation including spray on polyurethane foam or similar systems that are also used on concrete structures. The most important thing is to consider the condensation on the steel walls and how to top the plaster from getting wet and moulding. Some more info here:

We are using a spray on cellulose insulation, which is basically recycled newspaper with a water based glue and fire retardants. We visited the factory in Knoxfield, took a tour and saw the process first hand. The installation makes a huge mess and requires some special equipment to spray on the insulation. An electric roller is used to clean the timber studs before the insulation dries.

We are using 90mm of spray on the steel walls and 25mm of spray on the ceiling, in the roof cavity we will use bats later down the track. I also noticed the acoustic properties of the spray are amazing; the echo in the house was gone when the 25mm of spray was applied to the ceiling and the walls were not yet covered. To comply with the 6 star energy rating and the climate zone 7 for the location of the property the following minimum R values must be achieved:
-Roof R value= 5.1 (si)
-Wall R value= 2.8 (si)
-Floor R value= 2.75 (si)
(Note the American R values are different to the Australian R values for insulation, conversion formula;  R(si) = R(imp)/5.678263)

Between rooms we used rockwool batts to reduce noise and keep the rooms warmer.

Some more pictures of the garage/shed below showing the start of the cladding and the door frame. We have ordered the electric roller door and hope to have it installed before Christmas.

The Odpod Crew (James and Craig)