Shipping Container House Garage

Shipping Container House Garage

Overall size of the garage is 10m long, 6m wide and 5m tall with an 11 degree roof pitch.

Lots of progress over the last 2 weeks. The garage frame has been put up using C section steel. All the parts are delivered cut to size with pre-punched holes. The bolts are M16 8.8 structural assemblies, all tightened with an impact driver and a 27mm socket. Thanks to Sam from for help and advice with the shed assembly/installation and supplying all the connection brackets.

The steel C section is mounted on the existing concrete ruins. The back story is the garage and house burnt down in the 2009 bushfires (Black Saturday). We chose to retain the structure and make a feature of the broken concrete walls. It’s also worth noting we had a structural engineer inspect the wall and foundations to make sure it was safe to use.

The slab went down on a Sunday morning and was finished with a concrete helicopter for a smooth result. We also trimmed the edges of the decking boards.

We had another visit from a bluetongue lizard. (It was mistaken for a snake in the grass)