Shipping Container House Stairs


Stairs on a Shipping Container House

The stair stringers got their final coat of paint and were lifted into place over the weekend. A block and tackle came in handy since the large one weighs about 150kg

On the garage wall we set M16 galvanised all thread into the existing concrete with chemset. All the base plates got a coat of bitumen paint to protect them from the concrete floor that will be poured later down the track.

We plan on using corten steel with poured concrete for the treads. This will comply with the bushfire regulations.

Roughing in LAN cables and antenna cables in a Shipping Container House


Roughing in LAN cables and antenna cables in a Shipping Container House

We ran Cat 5e Ethernet to each of the bedrooms and TV areas. We also bought the tools and installed the antenna cable and fitted the terminals. Finally we also put a few HDMI cables in behind the wall, and found some nifty wall plates where all the bits can plug in.

We used the following:

  • Box of Cat 5e Ethernet cable.
  • Roll of RG6 Quad shield.
  • Male Antenna Crimp Lug RG6 F type.
  • RG6 Splitter 8 way Splitter F type.
  • Lots of plastic nail clips.
  • Wall Plate fittings

o   Wall Plate fitting for RG6 F type PAL to F back.

o   HDMI.

o   RJ 45 Socket Female Cat 5e.

  • Crimp tool for RG6.
  • Pouch down tool for Cat5e.
  • Wire cutters and a hand drill.

The whole process was straightforward, only basic hand tools are required with some low cost specialty tools. There are lots of youtube videos showing how it’s done if you’re unsure.

Next on the list is to run speaker wires inside the walls before insulation and plaster are installed.