Odpod Container House Metabo Grinder Review


Odpod Container House Metabo Grinder Review

We got our hands on a decent German made grinder after blowing up a few others. The guys at Metabo have asked us to test out their latest 5” grinder and let them know how it went. Overall it looks like a great tool, lots of good features listed in the good points below. The first test was cutting through 1” steel bar, we made an super-sized cold chisel from some scrap steel. We noticed the on off switch has a good solid mechanism for lots of use. When cutting the electronic speed control did a good job to maintain the RPMs. Photos below of the finished product after a fair wack with a sledge hammer. I got some good photos of the grinder in action trimming the steel webbing on the floor.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking to buy a grinder. Product Metabo 5” grinder WE 15-125 Quick

Good points:

  • The extra-long power lead.
  • The grinder is very well balanced and stable to use.
  • Lots of power, 1550W.
  • No tool required to change grinding disks.
  • Electronic speed stabilisation, so the blade doesn’t slow down.
  • The safety guard is quickly adjustable with a push in button, very handy feature.

Bad points:

  • None, this is the best grinder we have ever used.

Links to the Metabo web site for more info here.
Metabo Facebook page here:

Shipping Container Window Flashing


Shipping Container House Window Flashing

We drew up the window flashings and had them folded and cut to length. They are made from colorbond steel painted in monument (dark grey). They are ideal for bushfire conditions as they are non-combustible. Internally there is a bead of silicone for waterproofing and externally they will be caulked with a non-combustible coloured sealant.

There are 5 components for each window which are:

  • Lower flashing which is folded up on the edges for good water proofing as any water run off will not flow into the internal timber frame.
  • 2 x side flashings that sit within the folded edge of the lower sill flashing.
  • Top flashing Part A that clips into the top of the window frame and to the drip line.
  • Top flashing Part B which is a visual cap to complete the flashing and to protect the edge of the MgO board.

Shipping Container House Garage


Shipping Container House Garage

The bottom level of the house is now painted the colour Monument to match the window frames, steel columns and roof. We also painted up the door handles and replaced the rusty bolts with stainless steel button heads. The customs approval seal was left unpainted to retain some of the original features.

There are lots of little jobs to sort out at the moment, like making timber boxes to go around the windows internally, cutting out the man hole and making brackets for the TV shelf.

The biggest job at the moment is to sort out the garage and make it suitable for repair. We spent the weekend cutting out flat areas to mount our steel columns. We used a 9” angle grinder with a diamond cutting blade. It works really well but doesn’t last as long when cutting through the steel reinforcement bar in the concrete. The plan is to combine a new shed with the existing ruins structure. Some concept 3D drawings of the frame below.

9 king parrots came to visit with a crimson rosella. The colours of the birds look amazing.

Somehow we found a little spare time and helped a friend build a retrofit petrol bike.

Heaps of emails are coming in from all over the world, people asking questions about construction, design layout and lots more. Feel free to ask questions and if you like the page please share the link.