Shipping Container House Cladding


Shipping Container House Cladding

Progress over the last few weeks has been good. A huge amount of work has been done.


  • We tested different fire rated caulking products and found the acrylic product was rubbish and didn’t set hard while the polyurethane was great.
  • We used builders bog and a different filler recommended for external use. The part A/B mix equal mix was good but took much longer to cure, the builders bog worked much better.
  • Several paints were tested for colour and finish.


  • The cladding panels are mostly 1.2m wide, and some were smaller, the sheets are 1.2m wide so this can save a lot of cutting.
  • We caulked the 10mm join and then painted over the top first with a prime coat and then with the top coat.
  • We used a textured roller to produce a fine textured finish.