Welding The Shipping Containers Together


We started welding and cutting out all the shipping containers this weekend. 2 welders were on site, a MIG and an ARC. They both have ups and downs. The MIG is bigger, heavier and the weld is effected by the wind blowing away the argon gas, but much faster than the ARC. The ARC is light weight and portable but takes longer and leaves slag that needs to be chipped away. All the welds are brushed with the wire brush and then covered in zinc rich paint to protect them from rusting. The can we use has a 93% zinc content, which is the magic ingredient.

The internal cuts are made with a 5″ angle grinder and a thin cutting disk. a 5″ grinder is much safer than using a 9″. Many building sites in Australia have banned the 9″ because of the very high number of injuries associated with using them.


more about welding: